Time or surgery

There have been two instances this year where a neighbor has come to me seeking advice after a doctor has suggested surgery for their ailment.

In one case a small cyst had developed after a bug bite on a four year olds eyelid.  The parents had tried warm compresses and a prescribed ointment for several weeks.  They could get the swelling reduced, but they could not get rid of the bump.  The pediatrician suggested a day surgery to cut it out as the only option.  I did some research and discovered a tea to be used as a compress made from the white pine and chamomile used as a compress would do the trick.  Mom made the tea and used it for a warm compress on the eye for several days.  The cyst disappeared without surgery.


The other remedy was a matter of time, and perhaps mindset.  A cyst was discovered on her ovary.  The OB/GYN was highly concerned because of the size and recommended immediate surgery.  She declined seeking alternatives to surgery.  She was very stressed and in an intense time period in her job.  A few weeks later, stress had passed and she returned to her doctor for a check up.  The cyst was gone.  No surgery necessary.  I believe the body has the power to heal and often does with time.  As a trained, and once board certified xray tech, I fully appreciate the application of imaging and how useful it is.  I believe it is a necessary part of healing in many applications, and I am grateful for the advancements made in diagnostic imaging.  I also believe that sometimes imaging finds too much and the wrong time.  How many things that go undetected resolve themselves when we work to resolve stress and anger and when we improve on our sleep, our nutrition and our fitness?



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