Acupuncturists make a unique contribution to integrative health care

Using a different medical lens to diagnose and treat acupuncturists help patients who are seeking solutions to problems often unanswered by Western Medicine.

  • We assist western doctors by offering treatments that complement their strategies so their patients heal faster and treatments that solve the unsolvable.
  • We help solve public health challenges by treating pain and addiction effectively without medications.
  • We treat the whole person so life long change happens
  • We teach so the next generation has an option about health care

Amy O'Dell Wilson

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Locate in Depot Square, Peterborough NH. ADA accessible.

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With a love of science and research and a knack for anatomy, Nature, and healing, Amy has found a perfect bridge between East and West Medicine through Acupuncture and Herbs.

Graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture at Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (NESA@MCPHS University), Amy attained over 3000 hours of academic and clinical experience before starting her private practice in Peterborough in late 2019. She has provided care to 160 patients in 1600 office visits in just two years.

During her three years of training, she completed internships at Boston Medical Center's Pediatric and HIV clinics and the MCPHS University clinic. In the video below, she talks about integrating acupuncture and western medicine and the advantage of training at MCPHS. The faculty awarded her the Compassionate Healer award for caring for patients with neuropathy.

Today, her training continues with advanced certifications in the Acugraph diagnostic tool, Electro Acupuncture Medicine, and SA'AM. And deeper studies into Chinese Herbal Formulas and Evidence-Based protocols. She enjoys her work as a general acupuncture practitioner, seeing various ages and cases, from muscle and joint pain and neuropathy to gastrointestinal issues, allergies, and insomnia. In addition, she teaches weekly  Qi gong classes and serves as Vice President of the NH Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association.

Married for 30 years, Mark, Amy, and their son Luke have happily worked locally in Hancock and Peterborough for the past 22 years and have just recently moved to Harrisville. Amy is excited to serve the Monadnock Region community through her private practice.