"Wow you actually called me back!" That is a common response I get when a new patient contacts me for the first time.

When you contact me, I will personally get back to you, usually within the day.  I prefer to talk on the phone before you book your appointment to say hello and get a sense of what you need help with.

Once you schedule an appointment, you will get an email reminder through Google calendar, and the day before your appointment, you will get a text or email reminder.

"When presented with a medical issue, I desire to have a practitioner listen intently and become my partner in health.  A partner who creates an atmosphere of peace and does not make me feel as though I need to be rushed. Working with Amy has given me that.  Amy takes the time to listen.

She seems to know the right questions to asked to help me dive into the root of the problem. Although some health issued seem tricky, Amy always does her due diligence to dive deep into research and continually works to create a solution.

Being that she is my partner in health, she also takes the time to check- in on my progress. "                                    Sherry, age 56

Scheduling an appointment is easy


Call, text, or email. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Call/ Text: 603  289  1989
  • Email: amyodellwilson [at] gmail [dot] com

Conveniently located in the Offices in Depot Square,  20 Depot St, 3rd floor, Suite 9. Peterborough, NH

There is handicap parking at the front door, many options just a few steps away, and a municipal lot a short walk across the footbridge