Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Traditional Medicine in a Modern World

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Ginkgo Biloba and needles

Is Acupuncture Medicine right for you?

Are you struggling with...digestion issues?addiction?anxiety?chronic pain?headaches?skin irritation?joint pain?muscle pain?food intolerance?

I combine the traditional practices of acupuncture that have been tested for 2,500 years with a modern diagnostic tool called Acugraph to provide you with accurate, efficient, and customized health care.

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I believe Health Care begins with a story, your story. 

What is it like to be in your situation?

Welcome and thank you for visiting!  My guess is we already share some common values about health care, or you are here seeking something different from what you have been doing. 

These are some of my core beliefs about health:

  • Being healthy doesn't mean being perfect
  • Life is messy, so we get out of balance
  • We have the capacity to heal naturally with a little help from time to time
  • Many of the symptoms that interrupt how we like to live can be cleared up without pharmaceuticals
  • Being connected and observing nature is critical to our well-being
  • There is no separation of mind-body-spirit 

I trained in Acupuncture to help you heal naturally.

I believe in the ancient wisdom and power of this comprehensive medical system.  It helped me, and now I am here to help you.

Many of my patients come to me as a last resort after other therapies failed them.  When they discover the relief they were seeking, they wonder why they didn't try acupuncture sooner. It was so easy.

What are your health priorities?  

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It's time for relief

" I have had a chronic ache from a pinched nerve in my neck complicated by arthritis for 45 years. Recently it was impacting my sleep as it was very hard to find a comfortable position. After three acupuncture sessions with Amy, I am feeling better.  The herb she recommended as a sleep aid has been a godsend.

Her manner is totally professional and reassuring, and she is effective in explaining what whole process and system of Chinese medicine. I am very grateful and recommend her highly.   Jane, age 72.

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