Acupuncture, Herbs, and Food to Keep you Healthy this Fall

Prepare for fall with acupuncture, herbs and fall foods

The air is cool and dry, with condensation -just like metal.  Metal energy is the metaphor acupuncturists use to describe the season of fall, the season of the Lungs. Throats are getting a little sore and dry from the change, and you may feel more dryness in the skin, lungs and stool.  But you have the tools to heal;  ginger, lemon, and raw honey tea or licorice root tea are great for digestion and a sore throat.  Local apples raw or cooked, squash, colorful root vegetables with eggs for breakfast, or a hearty stew in the evening, will build up your immunity and strength for a food winter.  Speaking from the wisdom of  traditional medicines, it is time to transition away from raw greens and cold foods. A small daily dose of echinacea or elderberry will  build immunity,  as will plenty of time outdoors to soak in the colors and sun. An acupuncture visit this month will bring you intune with the energy of fall.

  1. Keep the back of your neck covered on cool or windy days
  2. Add aromatic and warming food, spices, and teas to your diet, especially orange peel, and cardamon.  
  3. If you are out in the cold wind and catch a chill, get home and drive the chill out with a hot shower or soak, hot tea, and a hot water bottle on the neck, lower back, and abdomen.
  4. Breathe from your lower belly, slowly expanding the whole abdomen and upper back on inhalation, contracting on exhalation three times in a row, repeat several times a day.  
  5. Schedule an acupuncture wellness visit, get your Acugraph reading, and get balanced.
Acupuncture and nature restore balance
Get out and enjoy the fall
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